Preserving the History of World War II
Eldred World War II Museum
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The Eldred World War II Museum
The Eldred WWII Museum cordially invites college students to participate in a supplemental
self-guided learning experience utilizing the considerable World War II reference resources of the
Eldred WWII Museum in Eldred, Pennsylvania.


The program is open to any student currently enrolled in an accredited institution of higher
learning. Students may be subsidized by foundation grants, university grants, or participate
independently. Student interns are also welcome.

How The Program Works

1.Capturing History Alive is a supplemental study/research program that provides an opportunity
to enrich the educational process by means of accessing resources of the Eldred World War II
Museum and Learning Center.

2. The length of time that Capturing History Alive involves is dependent upon the needs of the
institution and professor in conjunction with the Museum Director. Examples of how this can
work are not limited to, but include: semester long internships, semester long independent
studies, one week study sessions, a weekend history research trip, or the using of semester
breaks to do research.

3. The Eldred World War II Museum and Learning Center recommends several topics for
research/study as described on the outline. Research is not limited to these topics, but they
provide a starting point for the student as he/she completes the research and subsequently
writes a paper.

4.  A copy of the student paper should be sent to the Museum Director for our records.

5. In support of the research and study conducted by the student in Eldred, the Eldred WWII          
    Museum will provide:

a. Use of the considerable resources of the Museum. The staff will create exhibits that relate to
the time frame under study featuring artifacts and may include actual objects, pieces of military
equipment, maps, documents, photographs, civilian home front objects, etc. These exhibits will
allow the student to actually "see" the war by seeing examples of relics of the day. The Learning
Center Library will allow the students to learn about the war strategies of the leaders at that time.

b. A bibliography of books and documents that address the student's chosen category. This listing
will be especially  selected from the over 8,000 volumes housed in the Robert A. Anderson Library
- one of the largest WWII specialized libraries in the United States.

c. A comfortable library environment that encourages serious research study and note taking.
Students will also have access to the library's many special collections including an extensive
collection of personal accounts of the war from veterans and those working on the home front.

d. A listing of accommodations in the area including the Big Loop Resort.

Or Contact:
Eldred WWII Museum
PO Box 273 - 201
Main Street
Eldred, PA 16731
Or Call:
Jay P. Tennies,
Museum Director
(814) 225-2220
for further

“ Capturing
History Alive
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"Capturing Histoy Alive"

Topics for Consideration
*  Gen. Hideki Tojos

* Neville Chamberlain

* Gen. Charles de Gaul

* Herbert Hoover

* Joseph Stalin

* Adolf Hitler

* Ambassador Joseph C. Grew

* Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

* Marshal George K. Zhukov

* Cordell Hull

* F D R

* Adm. Husband E. Kimmel & Lt.
Gen. Walker C. Short

* Winston Churchill

* Bernard Law Montgomery

* Adm. Ernest King

* Gen. George Marshal

* Gen. Henry H. Arnold

* Adm. Chester Nimitz

* Gen. Jonathan Wainwright

* Adm. "Bull" Halsey

* Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

* Gen. George Patton

* Approved Student Selection
•Ethiopia Conquered by
Mussolini (1935)

•Japanese Militarism in
Manchuria (1931)

•Spanish Civil War (Hitler's
training ground) (1936)

•Poland invaded starting WWII

•Battle of Britain (1940)

•H. S. Destroyer Rueben James

•The Battle of Kursk

•Siege of Leningrad

•The fall of the Philippines

•The Battle of the Coral Sea

•The Battle of Midway

•The U.S. invasion of

•The U. S. invasion of North

•D-Day Invasion

•Battle of the Bulge

•Approved Student Selection
•World War I (The "War to end
all wars") sets stage for WWII

•Failure of League of Nations

•Isolationist policy of US in 20's
& 30's

•Japanese Aggression in China

•A world in Depression looks for
economic change (1933)

•Hitler wins power in Germany

•Soviet Union - Germany alliance

•Battle of Britain (1940)

•Red Army assault on Finland

•Germany and Britain Battle in
North Africa

•German Invasion of Russia

•The Atlantic Charter

•The Japanese bombing of Pearl

•Japanese Experience in the
Pacific following Pearl Harbor

•Evacuation of Japanese from
the West Coast

•The establishment of the U. S.
Eighth Air Force

•The Manhattan Project

•Weapons & munitions
development in WWII

•Submarine War in the Pacific

•Creation of OSS (Gen. "Wild
Bill: Donovan & Allen Dulles)

•The Homefront

•Ration Program

•Approved Student Selection
Personalitites                                Battles                                        Events/Issues